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Ribbon Readings


No one really knows where Ribbon Readings come from! I can't even remember where I first learned about these awesome ribbons. Although the seeker is sometimes blind folded so that the ribbons "choose" the seeker, I prefer to have you choose your own ribbons. I've had a hell of a time explaining how Ribbon Readings work, so I'm just going to tell you what my clients say:

"It’s like you cracked me open and let out my darkest secrets."

"How do you know all this about me?"

"This is, actually, almost invasive."

The Ribbon Reading is, in short, all about YOU! It isn't so much fortunetelling as much as a I'll-tell-you-why-you-are-having-issues and what-you-need-to-work-on-STAT kind of reading. 


You intuitively choose six ribbons from eleven different colors and tell me which position to put them in. 

The messages that are revealed are deep soul, karmic ancestral truths about the unfinished business that you've brought with you into this lifetime. Shadow work. Ribbon Readings dive deep into the heart of issues quickly. It's your choice to work on these issues or not. 

For couples, it's extremely eye opening, and requires both consent and mutual participation.


Service Description

In the form below, you will pick 6 ribbons out of 11 options. Then, you will tell me the positions of the 6 ribbons you picked, from 1 to 6.

Based on your pick, I will send you your reading as an email response within 7 business days.
(I will usually answer within 2 days but sometimes I am recharging and cleansing, therefore I say that I will reply within 7 business days.)

Looking forward to working with you!

Ribbon Reading by Email

this is where I will send your reading

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Position 6

Note: Do NOT repeat colors. If you repeat a color, I will not be able to send you a response within the time frame & I will request you to choose your color positions again. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting! I will send the reading to the email provided within 7 days.

Ribbon reading email
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