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Raise Your Self Esteem for 2020 with Staci Full and New Rituals

2020, a new decade, I am a big two-person. Big on numerology, I have been waiting for 2020 for what seems like a lifetime. THIS IS MY DECADE, and If you found yourself here, downloading this. It's your decade too.  If you follow my social media and blog posts, you know that 2019 broke us open and 2020 is the year to put those lessons into effect.


This year is all about incorporating those lessons. I've been through some stuff, haven't we all. My most prominent clarity and transformation came from writing a letter to the moon on NYE. I had no idea what I began, but begin, I did. 


Old feelings I had about myself vanished, and new love grew. I began to trust my intuition — something I hadn't done since I was a child. I could feel my magic. I began working with every New & Full Moon I could, and everyone in my life followed my lead. We all started calling it  Moon Work, because let's face it, its work. It's a commitment. 


The anxiety, stress, worry fell off, and manifestation wasn't just something I said I said anymore. It was a practice. 


Remember, some months will be easier than others, and that's totally all right. Be as kind to yourself as you are your very best friend. 


Download Your Moon Rituals

New and Full Moon rituals are a great way to check in with yourself and take stock of what changes you’d like to make. The practice of doing New and Full Moon rituals every month over the long term will bring new perspectives, progress, and manifestations into your life. Each ritual is burnable and working with the current astrological forecasts to make sense of synchronicities in your life. Make sure to tag me me while doing them to win a free reading! 

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