If you are considering booking - DEFINITELY do it... you will not be disappointed!

It was such a pleasure working with Staci. My reading was wonderful, she allowed me to ask questions, & guide what I was looking for out of the reading. It felt so personal in a way that she truly cared - which made the experience all the more amazing. I learned so much about myself & others in my life. I couldn't recommend Staci more... if you are considering booking - DEFINITELY do it... you will not be disappointed!

– Rachel Swab,  August 2020


 Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Staci offers the most amazing readings, even when you're miles away in another country.
Professional and so easy going, she makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable.
Her reading hit very close to home and was incredibly accurate and forth coming.
Thank you for sharing your awesome gift.

– Heidie Smith,  August 2020

Love Graffiti

 Wow, I am totally blown away!

Wow, I am totally blown away!Staci picked up on some energy simply by some of my posts. Not only was she spot on as to what was going on in my home, but she knew there were issues surrounding my past that needed to be worked through. I highly recommend Staci to reveal areas of your life where you feel stuck. She also won’t leave you hanging. She will suggest some ways to get around the issues that might beholding you back. Staci is very professional and knows here stuff and is not afraid to put it out there. Thank you, Staci.

– Angie Young,  August 2020


She is sweet, caring, and there for you.

I had an amazing reading! Staci helped make things clear that I never really thought about it just pushed aside. She helped me realize I am worthy. She recommended a few things including a book, which is on my to buy list. I would recommend Staci for a specific reading or even a general reading! She is sweet, caring, and there for you. I have followed Staci for a while now and I really look up to her. I told myself and Staci I would love a reading from her, and it finally happened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It truly was amazing time, even with the video freezing.

– Justina Pruett,  August 2020


She was caring and explained everything to me so I could actually understand. 

I had a mediumship grief reading today. I’ve never had this done before. She was amazing. She actually spoke with my dad. He passed away a few months ago. I’ve always had so much trouble with death and worrying about if I’ll ever talk to my dad again. He was there today. He’s been there. She proved to me that he was. It was an experience I’ve never had before. She was caring and explained everything to me so I could actually understand. I would totally recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much again Staci!

– Ashley King,  August 2020

Love Graffiti

So in tune with me and spot on.

I had a Tarot Reading with with this beautiful soul. It was an incredible experience. Thank you, Staci, you were so in tune with me and spot on. I just got off the phone with my therapist & she was amazed at how well you picked up on me…anyone considering a reading I would highly recommend. Blessings.

– Helga Ralston,  July 2020


Staci was so on point...

Tarot reading with Staci was so on point, it was like she was inside my mind and body.

– Jasmin,  June 2020


So sweet and was so on point about so many things.

Staci Luna is amazing she is so sweet and was so on point about so many things and I hadn’t shared what I was most concerned about before the reading..   I can’t wait for her to read my cards again thank you soo much.

– Anne Hermocillo,  March 2020


She helped us get that crap cleared and get us back on track!

We had some nasty negative energy looming around our home after we made an emergency move back into it. Staci came and helped us get that crap cleared and get us back on track. She really helped our daughters to feel more comfortable in our home and we are very grateful!!

Caitlin BottiniJanuary 2020


This Experience was EVERYTHING!

This experience, was everything! I feel so much better talking to her. I feel like I have answers, and just peace of mind.

– Courtney Smith,  October 2019


She gave me the warm and fuzzies

During my tarot read, Staci immediately gave me the warm and fuzzies - just her energy alone was so inviting. She was spot on with so many things and gave me some much-needed guidance I was looking for. Thank you, Staci! I enjoyed talking with you 

– Brook Calderon Lubel,  September 2019


Provided validation and accuracy

Staci was very comforting and professional when my grandfather came through with delicate information for me. She provided validation and accuracy in her reading and showed impeccable intuitive skills. I would highly recommended her!!!

– Jill Bevans,  September 2019


Just the best

Staci is just the best. I have had nothing but pleasent experiences with her. I would recommend her services 10/10.

– Sarah B.,  September 2019


A perfect fit for me

Staci was more than right on! ❣❣❣🦋

I had a blast getting to know her and she was a perfect fit for me. While reading my cards Staci gave me some very meaningful, insightful information and direction, as well as some strong confirmation about life issues! 

I cant wait to use her services again.

Tamara Trembley SzafasSeptember 2019


Suggestions were spot on

Very kind to pick up a reading with me after she was sent in my direction. Her suggestions where helpful and the reading was spot on.

– Sam Kent,  August 2019


Just the best

Staci is spot on, compassionate and genuine with her readings. She makes you feel 100% comfortable and will answer any questions you may have. Staci will always be there for you and give any advice needed! She’s truly such an amazing person!

– Lauriin Ratel,  June 2019


I appreciate your energy

She is wonderful and friendly. Picked up on answers to my questions right away. Thanks again, so much! I appreciate your energy.

– Jennifer Alaniz,  April 2019


Uncanny how accurate it was

I received a ribbon reading and she read me to a tee. It was uncanny how accurate it was. If you are looking for a unique reading this is it.

Mary FurneauxApril 2019


She's amazing

She’s amazing.. so caring and thoughtful.. 100% spot on... 

Once again thank you dear

Cherie DebordeApril 2019


Very approachable and kind

Very approachable and kind. Always open to explain something in great detail to make sure that you walk away from rom a reading without questions. Every reading has been spot on!

– Shannon AndOdyn Rawski,  April 2019


Inspiring, insightful

Very inspiring, insightful, beautiful page. Thank you Staci for creating beauty.

Susan HarperApril 2019


Great job

Yes great job with reading love this stuff!

Jackie KolbekMarch 2019


Incredible, very accurate

Staci is incredible! Her reading was very accurate. She makes it very comfortable for you. I highly recommend her services!

– Miranda Countz,  February 2019


Amazing woman it on things no one else has

This amazing woman had me in tears twice now because she hit on things no one else has. I absolutely adore her. Always spot on, and always kind and caring. Give her a chance and you won't be disappointed!

Shannon FunkhouserMarch 2019


Totally on point

Totally on point and said what I needed to hear

– Ronit Elshtein,  February 2019


Brings peace and prosperity for you and your family

I had a wonderful experience with Staci coming to my home to assist me in purifying it thru a process known as smudging. She taught me how to burn the sage with intention and manifesting positive thoughts. She also burned specific incenses tailored for me to bring prosperity into my life thru emotional healing. She encouraged me to pick a jade stone to keep that would help soothe me during my emotional healing and help to purify my energy to be more accepting and loving. She also gave me a guardian angle stone for added protection and blessings.  

After she completed the smudging and blessing ceremony I soon began to feel very peaceful. I ended up taking a nap that afternoon and noticed that my family was more relaxed and peaceful that evening as well. The next day was a surprise for me. I woke up with an energy I hadn't felt in a while. I was ready to make many changes in my day to day life and home. I felt ready to clean out all the stagnation from my life and my home.  

I highly recommend having Staci come to smudge (or purify) your home. I'm confident that she would bring more peace and prosperity for you and your family.

– Jessica Holt Cox,  February 2019


I'm shook

So, last night, I had a video chat tarot card reading with 💫Staci Luna 💫Y'all. All I could say at the end, was "I'm shook". She is incredibly talented and I HIGHLY urge you to book a session with her. It was so cool!!! Everything she said totally resonated. 💜💚💙🧡💛

– Kris May,  February 2019


Wonderful and positive

I have known Staci for 24 yrs. My husband and I had staci do a ribbons reading for each of us.She nailed it. We have not seen Staci for 14 yrs due to moving and distance yet she picked up on the things going on in our lives recently. Staci was wonderful and positive in her reading.

Michelle Mosel AdamsFebruary 2019


Download Your Moon Rituals

New and Full Moon rituals are a great way to check in with yourself and take stock of what changes you’d like to make. The practice of doing New and Full Moon rituals every month over the long term will bring new perspectives, progress, and manifestations into your life. Each ritual is burnable and working with the current astrological forecasts to make sense of synchronicities in your life. Make sure to tag me me while doing them to win a free reading! 

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