Tarot & Spiritual Advising

Every individual has a unique energetic imprint and requires special guidance for spiritual growth. I act as a psychic channel to deliver spiritual life coaching through various approaches, from Tarot card readings to trauma-informed guided tapping.

Meet Staci


The spiritual advising I offer today was shaped by the healing I first had to find for myself. The traumas of losing health, relationships, and material security are shared by many. I do not say this to make light of them. I say this because I know, like you do, that the cost of surviving can be steep. I fight for my life every day, and this is why I’m so passionate about helping others find their light. 


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Tarot Card Readings


Choosing a Tarot deck is serious business. Like looking someone in the eyes and holding their gaze long enough to see the truth. People who call the Tarot "fake" or "pretend" just don't get it. Those who consider the Tarot divinatory do.

Distance Reiki Healing

Energy is in everything! It connects us all together. Reiki helps us join with Universal Energy to heal ourselves. As a certified Reiki Master, I use all kinds of spiritual medicine—Singing Tibetan Bowls, Fountains Going, Smudging, Crystals—to make sure our intentions are met. 

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