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Find your Light Academy

Unlock your inner wisdom today!

Learn Tarot and Ribbon Reading plus get instant access to learning materials, journals, monthly inner child journal prompts and moon manuals.

A $11/ month All-Inclusive Subscription Program

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Meet Staci Luna

Hi! I'm Staci. I'm a certified tarot master, spiritual adviser and a life coach. I specialize in shadow work and inner child healing.


Growing up, we all have to deal with abandonment and traumatic issues, but it is hard when you're surrounded by people who don't get it. We can be left feeling alone and confused in our struggles to understand these things as adults. 

I act as a psychic channel to deliver what you might call “spiritual life coaching” through many approaches, from Tarot Card Readings, Shadow Work Tarot classes, Ribbon Readings,  to trauma-informed guided tapping.

My services are designed for those who want to develop a deeper understanding of their own spirituality and gain clarity on what they need in order to feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in their lives.

Find your Light Academy

As a certified Tarot master, I want to help aspiring Tarot and Ribbon readers and those who want to develop a deep understanding of their own spirituality how to trust their intuition and tap into their own magic. 

I know that learning Tarot and Ribbon Reading by your own can be overwhelming that's why I created these courses to guide you and provide you with the fundamental to advance knowledge you need to become a certified reader.   

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Get instant access to everything you need to learn and be an expert in Tarot and Ribbon Reading for only $11/month.

Enjoy monthly perks and useful learning materials.

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My Services

Best Readings!

Best readings, and personal advisor. Her insights are supportive and helpful. So professional and best excellent customer service. She is committed to your personal growth. She will customize the readings and findings so u can start to apply the advices easily in your daily life. I totally recommend her. Her tiktok account is amazing. She is a "game changer".

Love this Lady!

My reading today was Wonderful. Stacie helped me to see through the BS and validated what I thought about my current and future situations. Without her help, I might have not had the confidence to do what was needed for my spiritual growth and happiness. 

I can see myself hiring her as a spiritual advisor and seeing her once a month. She is Excellent at communication and her reading Are Right On!

Love this Lady!

If you are considering booking - DEFINITELY do it... you will not be disappointed!

It was such a pleasure working with Staci. My reading was wonderful, she allowed me to ask questions, & guide what I was looking for out of the reading. It felt so personal in a way that she truly cared - which made the experience all the more amazing. I learned so much about myself & others in my life. I couldn't recommend Staci more... if you are considering booking - DEFINITELY do it... you will not be disappointed!


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