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Every individual has a unique energetic imprint and requires special guidance for spiritual growth. I act as a psychic channel to deliver spiritual life coaching through various approaches, from Tarot card readings to trauma-informed guided tapping.

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I call myself a spiritual advisor after many years on my own spiritual journey. As a young woman, I was intuitive, gifted in manifesting, and raised with spiritual influences that inform my practice today: Judeo-Christian traditions, metaphysics, Buddhism, and more. By age ten I knew the Tarot. And yet I did not use my gifts in alignment with my higher self.

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Download Your Moon Rituals

New and Full Moon rituals are a great way to check in with yourself and take stock of what changes you’d like to make. The practice of doing New and Full Moon rituals every month over the long term will bring new perspectives, progress, and manifestations into your life. Each ritual is burnable and working with the current astrological forecasts to make sense of synchronicities in your life. Make sure to tag me me while doing them to win a free reading! 

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