Email Readings

Email me your questions & I will answer them within 7 days.

Service Description

I channel to give you what your soul needs, so you are never limited to one modality. In my replies to your questions, you will receive a combination of all of the tools from my training: Tarot, energy healing, mindfulness life coaching, and guided tapping. Along with that, I reiki heal as I respond to emails. My goal is to have you feel more balanced and energetically protected as you read my email responses.

Every email reading l session is all-inclusive. If you do have specific interests or areas of focus, please let me know. The session is held over emails.

You can send me up to 2 questions & I will respond within 7 days. 

Why limit to 2 questions?

I limit number of questions to 2 so that I can focus my energy on all your questions. You can always book a 15-minute follow up if you want to discuss something in more detail or if you have additional questions. 
You can also send me follow up questions by booking another email reading. 

Browse our FAQ for what to expect.

Not sure what to ask? I have several blogposts on what to ask Tarot about Love, Health, Grief, Career. and more. Read: What questions to ask a Tarot Reader?

Looking forward to working with you!

Cancellation Policy

I have a zero refund cancelation policy on email readings. Once you send your questions, I begin channeling my energy almost immediately. I am unable to offer cancelations for email readings.


Get a Reading by Email

$22 booking fee for up to 2 questions

If you ask more than 2 questions, I am only able to focus on and answer the first 2.

Once the first 2 questions are answered, you can choose to either book another email reading for follow-ups OR you can book a 15-min Zoom/Phone call with me.