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The full moon is often associated with "crazy". A lot of that is because we are being forced to deal with our shit. In the new moon phase, we manifest and wish, as if we were little kids wishing on our first star or a birthday candle. Well, to get those new moon manifestations, we’ve got some full moon work to do.

The full Moon shines a bright light on our shadow, and we’ve all got that ego crap to work on. That low vibrating stuff we do, that we see in others, is why we lash out. I know, I know…that’s super hard to admit, but if we don't, it would keep us from our goals and manifestations.

Use the full moon to practice both forgiveness and release of Grief, Jealousy, Fear, Arguments, Drama, Grudges, and Disappointment.  and ANYTHING else that doesn’t serve you.

The BIGGEST secrets to releasing, forgiving and gratitude are Intent, Authenticity and Honesty.

Additional instructions are provided on the worksheets themselves.