Minor Arcarna Wands

The Tarot Wands Suit

Associations: Creativity, Willpower, Action 

Astrological Fire Signs: Ares, Leo, Sagittarius

Cardinal Direction: South


I. Ace of Wands

An Ace of Wands is basically anything you could wish for, just like the magic wand it is…. A new love interest? A perfect island get-away? Fertility—not necessarily babies. The Ace can point to fertile ideas, robust creativity, career opportunities, and travel. Are you going to stick to that diet? Start a new creative project? Take up Yoga? Eat only organic, or start working for yourself like you've always dreamed of? As with any Ace, it overrules negative Minor Arcana cards in a spread. Super bountiful! Lucky you.


Reversed: Fertility issues. Similar to the other Aces, creative blocks. Something is between you and your goal, and it seems solid. Like, titanium solid. A woman who finds herself waiting and waiting on a man? Or false starts…. Anything blocking your plans and dreams. Kicking it won't help. 


King of Wands

This fiery King creates masterpieces that everyone wants a piece of. Think Tesla. He doesn't just invent another car—he creates an entirely new driving experience. Cutting edge, one step ahead, inventive. He makes a plan, sticks to it, implements, and ensures that there's follow-through. He has the best and brightest on his team. When this King shows up, count your blessings.


Reversed: Narrow-minded, or just a plain bully. You know when you are being mean to others. I get it—we all get triggered, but know when to say "when."  This is the time. You are even aware that you are fighting against your best judgment. And dare I say that you're fighting your own intuition too? When everyone is saying "stop," and every sign is saying "stop," you stop. Nobody likes a bully. 


Queen of Wands

Can I get an "Amen" for this Queen? She's like: What more could you possibly want from me? I'm FIRE, OK? Straight fire. I'm busy doing every single thing that I need to do to create this magic right here. I'm fiercely determined, and I'm working with my tribe. I'm friendly, I'm intuitive, I'm optimistic. What else can I do for you? I love this card.


Reversed: This Queen rules in disorder and chaos, but maybe don't tell her. She doesn't take criticism all that well, especially when you're disappointed because she's broken yet another promise. Her ego can't stand it when another person is shining more brightly.


Knight of Wands

Just my type…. He runs with the idea and MAKES SHIT HAPPEN. Hot, right? If there was a block in your path to success, you better believe our sexy Knight busted right through it. I mean I'm all for a man who can handle any situation. This card can also indicate a good old-fashioned vacation and moving. I love forward momentum—and that's what we got here. If you don't feel ready, this card assures you that you are. Your confidence will grow as needed. Trust in the universe. 


Reversed: You are blocked—or someone you care enough about is coming up in the reading, like, deeply blocked. Things are not happening at all how you hoped. Communication is stalled. Flatlined. We have someone whose root chakra is all in the material, but who does not want to work for that Gucci belt. Very shallow. I don't think you are on the same page, like, at all. 


Page of Wands

Excited about life and work! Newly inspired. Free spirit. He can't shut up it—it should be annoying, but it's sweet. Wherever he goes, he encourages change and creative play. Like a tiny little spark that's helping others to see what's missing in their soul. 


Reversed: I hate a fickle bitch… really. If it's not you, watch your back. For real. You are about to deal with some serious fallout…. Check your connections. All of 'em. Instead of being cute, like the Upright Page above, you are relentless, and shit is disconnecting. Literally. Take a good hard look in the mirror. Take a deep breathe and exhale. Go meditate and get in gratitude STAT. 


X. Ten of Wands

Too much. Overwhelmed. When this card shows up, it's never good. Generally speaking, it's the "I'm Wrecked" card. In most of my readings, regardless of the situation, there's just too much past history attached with drama and burden. No matter how many times you say, "I'm not going to bring up the past anymore," somehow you are still beating the same dead horse. It's not healthy. For anyone. No one can go to a job that steals a piece of the soul, or stay in a relationship that hurts them, or do anything that makes them feel less than whole. This card DOES NOT MAKE YOUR SOUL SING. But there's a message. Listen.


Reversed: You are caught between a rock and a hard place. You're like a perfect performer, painting your face every day, trying to make everyone laugh, while you fight back tears. You are unhappy. Painfully unhappy. Nothing in your life is working. Not one little thing. Not right now. You're just going to have to take my word for it: Summon some gratitude so you can move on.


VIIII. Nine of Wands

Do not fall off the top of this ladder! You worked HARD to get up there! This is about balance. That damn "balance" word again. The artwork on this card is perfect. You have it all, and if you don't stay balanced, everything goes, almost like a tightrope. Listen and hear me on this. No one, not one person can do you, but you. So, rest, be in stillness, so you can be you with 100% authenticity. There is no other way to be. Get that 20 minutes of meditation in, every day. So that you stay in balance. You have it all—now do what you need to do to keep it. 


Reversed:  Look out—we have a demanding boss or co-worker trying to push you off the ladder. Do not freak out. This is usually a boundary situation. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Respond. Don’t react. Look inward for resolution. Are you the one who's being obstinate? That’s OK…. Try to find a way to come at the situation with compassion. I think you’ve got this.


VIII. Eight of Wands

Things are manifesting quickly! Get ready for an influx of DM's! Appointments and texts. Shit is getting real. This is a super-positive card. Forward momentum on overdrive. Whatever was stalled is now zipping right into the fast lane. All green lights! Houston, can you hear me? We've got a go. 


Reversed: Delay. Those "go" signs are really "pause" signs. With crazy jealousy. It's not super-great to be you right now. Breathe out the bullshit and breathe in the good shit. This is a temporary hitch. How you respond is everything. Be chill. Stay chill. Put your feet up a sec. Exhale. Inhale. Get through this.


VII. Seven of Wands

You gave it the old college try, but every single time you took two steps forward, you took four back. You are feeling touchy and defensive, and truthfully, you're pretty darn hard to talk to right now. I get it: Shit sucks. But you're doing that unattractive thing—cutting off your nose to spite your face. Nobody wants to have a conversation with someone who never takes responsibility for anything…. 


Reversed: Oh, is that forest dark and scary and all? You've lost your way. You feel completely hopeless and void of purpose. You can't just accept things for what they are and see beauty in the growth around you. You just plain feel sorry for yourself. There's a lot of poor me and not a lot of taking responsibility. Wah-wah only goes so far. You need to ask yourself if you can make some small changes to improve your life. Then do it.


VI. Six of Wands

YAY! Deserved success, feelings owned, promotions received! I ought to be screaming this stuff from the rooftops. You did it! Now take some time to enjoy what you've earned! Yeah, go on: Relish this victory. It wasn't all smooth sailing, and you so so deserve it. 


Reversed: You've worked so hard and gave it everything you had. Unfortunately, this time it's not going to happen. And it's devastating. You feel so let down—dropped actually—right on your ass. Ouch! Your pride is all bruised. But the truth is, as with all Minor Arcana cards, it's just a passing phase. It's not like it's the Tower. You'll be OK. I promise. I know it feels, like, horrific, but really it's not. 


V. Five of Wands

Competition. This is a hold-your-cards situation. It's not time to fold. Like at all. This is not the Five of Swords. No battles in the offing. But, well, something's up, and you need to stand firm here. Shit is festering. Especially at work—you don't need to be taking the raw wand of the deal here. Cover your ass. Double- and triple-check every single document. Lots of strong opinions at play, and lots of finger pointing. Don't back down. But don't go in looking like an idiot, either. Definitely know what your position is. Clarify your goal. 


Reversed: What did I just say? Make sure you know the lay of the land! Misinformation and deception are HUGE in this conflict. Do you have all the right players on your team? Do you have all the correct information? Checking, checking.


IV. Four of Wands

Celebration. Safety. Home. You are sharing your light with others, and they feel it. You are in your absolute bliss zone. Everything is good. Your Root Chakra feels safe and happy and grounded, and your vibes are really fine. Like awesome. Love is freely coming and going. No worries. You are like a magnet.


Reversed: This is one of the few Minor Arcana cards that stays positive when Reversed, but with some itty-bitty annoyances. You want more time to focus on what lights you up, so carve out that time! It won't be easy. Reversals often come with a lesson. Learn it quickly now, and be on your way.


III. Three of Wands

You are on fire, and everyone knows it. Your star is burning bright. You've been working your sweet ass off, and it shows. This is Tarot's "Good Fortune" card. It reveals all the good stuff—weddings, career moves, and new, important relationships. All your plans will be realized to YOUR FULL INTENTIONS. Just like that. So, it's a magic card. Go get it, girl!


Reversed: Misunderstandings are making you feel needlessly isolated. I explain it like this: You send a text and the receiver misreads it, and then you send another one, and you try to clarify, only it just keeps getting more muddled, and sometimes you really should just use voice. As if that might help. You get the idea. You are having a tough time right now because nobody seems to get you. Meditate. It won't last for long.


II. Two of Wands

Contemplating your life's direction. You really need a few more hands on deck, and they're coming. A new partnership is in the works, and it's going to be awesome. You are really learning where you are good, but you need someone great to come with. You are starting to see that delegation—along with knowing when to let others shine—makes YOU look a lot better. Not just at work, but everywhere in your life.


Reversed: Your partner is unreliable and straight up doesn't see how awesome you are. If you are doing all the work and getting no love, it's time to GO. Like change the locks, get a new job, erase the shared Instagram account. You're not going to want to look at those pix anyway. You deserve to be treated with RESPECT. For real.