Why a life coach in a Tarot Card Reader???

Why a life coach in a Tarot Card Reader

No doubt about it: change is hard. Accountability helps. Yes, accountability. As in, you know what you're going to do, what you have to do, what you want to do. And somebody is watching. Me.

I'm keeping track. Holding a stopwatch. Ticking the boxes. You know that pushy person? Call me Ms Norburary?????.

I am a pusher. I push people.

I guide you toward optimism. And help you hold yourself in compassion when you can't. I'm also here to navigate you through some shit that I had to go through the hard way. I teach forgiveness and compassion.

What I am not: a sounding board for listening to problems without solutions, a professional listener, a qualified healthcare worker trained to treat mental illness, substance abuse, or serious trauma.

What I am: A collaborative guide, asking you some tough questions, making some sticky observations, showering you with encouragement, supporting growth in any way that I can, and—that word again—providing you with the accountability that you need to reach your goals.

My job is to nurture your confidence and help you clear blockages that have kept you from moving forward. I help you fulfill your potential. Like really crush it.

Together, we create joy. You get a little bit of this in EVERY reading…I just cant help it.

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