What Questions to Ask a Tarot Card Reader About Love

This post is part 6 of a 6-part series where I will share with you suggestions for great questions to ask me at your tarot card reading about Career, Grief, Friendship, Health, Abundance and Love. Today, let's talk about Love!

love, /ləv/


An intense feeling of deep affection. "babies fill parents with feelings of love."

A great interest and pleasure in something. "his love for football."


feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)

"do you love me?"

One thing I know for sure, love will fuck you up more than any drug ever will.

As a professional Tarot Card Reader & Spiritual Advisor, I am here to help you live your most vibrationally positive life. These are the questions to ask in our session:

  • What can I do to find my soul mate?

  • How will I know when I’ve found my soul mate?

  • Which of my personality traits are most likely to attract love?

  • What obstacles must I overcome to find love?

  • How can I strengthen my relationship with the one I love?

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