Virgo New Moon: Meditate on Your Craft!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

New Moon in Virgo

This Month’s new moon is on September 17, are you ready for this phase? The Virgo new moon is the perfect time to get organized and work hard to complete the current projects you may have been putting off, or even start something new! This new moon energy is just what you need to light a fire under your passions and take advantage of each moment that is available to you. Meditate on your craft in order to set up the best future possible for yourself.

What Tasks Have You Been Putting Off?

We all do it, but procrastination is the enemy of progress. The more you put off the important tasks, the less you will get done, and the harder it will be to get your motivation back again. There is never going to be a “perfect” time to get that project done. You will always have something or someone else fighting for your attention, whether it’s your children, your friends, or your favorite television show. Finding the time to focus on what you need to focus on will often mean becoming a great multitasker. You’ll also need to learn how to prioritize. You don’t need to ignore the ones who you love and who need you, it’s about finding a healthy balance between both and shifting the non-essentials that take up valuable space in your brain (television) to the bottom of the priority list.

Don’t Close Yourself Off to the “New”

New people, new opportunities, be open to it all! You don’t need to say yes to everything, but you should keep an open mind and an open heart to what could possibly come your way. If you spend too much time closed off from the world and in fear of change, you might just miss out on some beautiful and prosperous ventures that the universe wants to reveal to you. Be ready to receive and even create your own “new.” Too many times, we remain stuck in the same lane in our small bubble, afraid to step out of our comfort zones. What if there is something extraordinary on the other side of that fear? Seize it!

Let Go of Any Negativity

Another enemy of progress? Negativity. When we allow ourselves to be weighed down by the negativity of the world or of our personal environment, it will hold us back from our destiny. Negative people and situations are unavoidable, but the way you handle those people and situations is entirely up to you. Let the words of naysayers roll right off of your back, in one ear and out of the other. Let the negativity of the world be just that, of the world, not of your soul.

Focus on You

This life is your journey, it’s all about you. The way you live your life is not up to anyone else, why should they get a say? What makes you happy? What drives you? Focus on that, focus on you. Prioritize self-care, and do not let others speak into your life as if it is their own. Advice is fine, guidance, when wanted, is fine, but control is not fine. The only person who should have a say in how you go about your day is you. The right people won’t find any issue with your independence, confidence, and security within yourself. In fact, they will celebrate and encourage it! The wrong people aren’t meant to be a part of your journey, except as a lesson to be learned.

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