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The Lovers Ask Us to Be Bold for Intimacy

We greet the New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd, a time to set intentions for communication in your intimate relationships. The sky is all about Gemini next week: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus will ALL live in this cramped space. Pressure may mount around the things you need to say. Ruled by Mercury, who delivers messages, Gemini transforms our relationships by bringing to light any imbalances that keep us from seeing each other clearly. For inspiration in this time of renewed connection, explore my Gemini Season Collection or my Spotify playlist!

Your card for this season is, unsurprisingly, The Lovers. Who do you think of when I say the word “love”? A partner, a friend, an “it’s complicated” situation? This card is about that person. Now is the time to speak to them from your heart. Maybe you want to challenge a friend’s prejudice or renegotiate terms of a relationship. You want to give your “casual” relationship a label, or you’ve developed feelings for your roommate in quarantine and want to have that heart-to-heart. Whatever it is, this card assures you that it’s time to get real with your Love so that it stands a chance.

If the conversation you need to have is a difficult one, consider the best approach. It’s funny to me that the word “lover” often makes young students think of Romeo & Juliet. That play wasn’t about LOVE; it was about people who MISCOMMUNICATED so egregiously that everyone died. (Oops.) The Lovers, the card that represents Gemini, encourages us to see honest communication as a form of love. Listen carefully, speak truly, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember that intimacy is only formed in shared risk and discomfort.

This starts with your relationship to yourself. Before you can have these conversations, ask yourself: “How do I really feel?” Don’t look away from the answer, even if it’s messy. Gemini babe Alanis Morissette built her career on sharing her journey through love toward self-discovery. Morissette’s first album Jagged Little Pill houses both the sweetest and most hostile love ballads from the ‘90s. She goes from “I’m here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away” to “I’ve never felt this healthy before” in six tracks! Sometimes honoring your anger is part of choosing love and forgiveness for yourself. 

A choice must now be made for higher love. A Lover in her highest power knows herself and speaks her truth. The best Lovers get a little playful. Whether you speak for yourself, a partner, or a stranger who has suffered an injustice, it bears repeating: Come from love.

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