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The Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn is upon us: What you need to know!

The Full Moon in Capricorn today, June 22, 2024, brings a potent blend of ambition, discipline, and practicality, paired with a powerful call to release and let go of what no longer serves us. As this celestial event unfolds, each zodiac sign will find unique opportunities for growth, reflection, realignment of their goals, and the essential process of letting go.

Key themes during this Full Moon

  • Achievement and Recognition: Celebrate your hard-earned successes and perhaps receive acknowledgment from others. It’s also a moment to identify what accomplishments or past goals no longer align with your current path and need to be let go.

  • Responsibility and Authority: This moon compels us to take charge of our actions and their outcomes. It's also a time to shed unnecessary responsibilities or outdated roles that no longer fit our lives.

  • Structure and Discipline: Assess and refine the systems and routines that support your ambitions. This Full Moon is ideal for establishing or reinforcing frameworks that will sustain long-term success, and letting go of those that hinder your progress.

  • Practical Assessments: Make realistic evaluations about your life's direction. Adjust your course if necessary and consciously decide to release those plans, projects, or commitments that no longer serve your best interests.

  • Commitment and Endurance: Reflect on your commitments to see if they still resonate with your goals. This might be a time to renew dedication or consciously release and redirect energy as needed

How the Full Moon may affect your sign:


This is an excellent time to explore new artistic avenues and consider alternative ways to realize your dreams. Your intuition is especially sharp, guiding you toward significant breakthroughs. Remain open and compassionate in your interactions, as the unexpected good news is on the horizon.


This Full Moon brings a powerful wave of emotional healing and spiritual growth. You may find yourself drawn to meditation or other introspective practices. Neptune's influence deepens your romantic connections, potentially bringing joy and wonderful news through someone special. Embrace empathy to enrich all your relationships.


Your intuition and creativity are heightened, brimming with transformative ideas that could revamp your projects. Pay close attention to your dreams, as they hold valuable clues to unlocking exciting opportunities. This is a perfect time to tap into ancestral wisdom and psychic abilities to manifest your desires effortlessly.


Neptune's energy enhances your natural empathy and compassion, making this a potent time for self-healing. Forgive yourself and let go of past hurts to open the way for magical opportunities. Stay alert to sudden insights about your dreams—they might be closer to fruition than you realize.


Neptune encourages you to dive into creative expressions, whether through art, music, or other outlets. The romantic atmosphere is vibrant, offering a splendid chance to strengthen relationships and forge meaningful connections. Let your imagination lead you to deepen important bonds.


Balancing practicality with dreams is your theme under this Full Moon. Engage in visualization techniques to see your goals begin to manifest. Your dreams are particularly prophetic now, potentially revealing an unexpected gift or a previously unnoticed opportunity.


Your creativity soars to new heights, making this an ideal time to work on creative projects. The dreamy, romantic vibes fostered by Neptune enhance your relationships. Showing compassion will not only enrich your connections but also return to you in delightful and surprising ways.


Spiritual insights and emotional healing are highlighted. Spend time in introspection to connect deeply with your inner self. The clarity and understanding you gain now will lead to unexpected blessings and remarkable developments in your life. Trust your psychic insights as they forge important soul connections.


This Full Moon amplifies your innate optimism, mixing splendidly with Neptune’s imaginative energies for manifesting dreams. Enjoy romantic or artistic escapades this weekend. Keep your hopes high, as something you’ve long desired is making its way to you.


With the Full Moon in your sign, you stand to benefit greatly from this lunar alignment. Find the balance between realism and the mystical, using this time to manifest your dreams magically. Your grounded nature will help you transform these dreams into tangible realities, attracting blessings that resonate with your hard work.


Innovative thinking is your forte, and under this Full Moon, channel this into creative endeavors that inspire both you and others. Neptune enhances your empathetic nature, improving relationships and communication. Dreams during this period are significant, guiding you toward positive and unexpected outcomes.


Neptune’s strong influence amplifies your empathy and compassion. Engage in spiritual practices and creative activities for deep emotional healing. Watch for signs and guidance from your ancestors, as their wisdom helps you manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

As the Full Moon in Capricorn casts its glow, let its energy guide you to solidify your foundations, honor your achievements, and importantly, let go of what no longer serves your journey. Whether it’s through personal reflection, celebrating successes, or realigning with your deepest desires, this Full Moon is a time to embrace the disciplined and ambitious spirit of Capricorn alongside a powerful release to make way for greater things. Rituals are an extremely beneficial part of any moon phase, check out Find Your Light's June Moon ritual

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