Practicing Moon Rituals for Self-Love

Practicing Moon Rituals for Self-Love

By engaging in rituals, we express and recommit to our belief systems. The physical actions of ritual ceremonies help us connect to our emotional, cultural, and spiritual guides. More often than not, these guides are our inner selves.

Moon rituals appear in many traditions as means of seeking guidance, asking for protection, honoring mystery, and empowering the self and the community. Whatever your personal beliefs, moon rituals can be part of a regular practice of self-care.

Why Practice Moon Rituals?

Moon rituals are the medicine of self-love and personal growth!

Full moon rituals are traditionally best for energetic release. Letting go of the past requires forgiveness and gratitude, so full moon rituals incorporate these practices. New moon rituals are used for energetic clarifying. They can look similar to full moon rituals but often focus more on cleansing an environment or setting intentions.

Sometimes, a community that supports your lunar work can motivate you to stay consistent. With a moon ritual subscription, you’ll have a ritual for every new moon and full moon. So, you have the opportunity to do intentional inner work at least twice a month!

All-Purpose Moon Tools

Although there are as many unique moon rituals as there are people in the world, a few tried and true tools make an appearance in many rituals. The list below contains some key items for any moon kit, along with some of my favorite suggestions:

  • Healing stones and crystals

  • Candles

  • Herbs, like palo santo or sage

  • Journal

  • Personal tokens, like Oracle decks, tarot cards, or mementos

Moon rituals don’t need to be complicated to be effective. As you learn more, you might get particular about the candles or stones you use, depending on your purpose.

But if you don’t know the energetic difference between candle colors or gemstones right away, don’t let that keep you from trying! Many practitioners create their own ritual language, so start by focusing on what feels right to you.

Preparing for Moon Rituals

Another common thread between rituals is energetic preparation. Often, this preparation on its own is a type of powerful self-care.

Here are some activities to help ground you and ready you for the intense release or realization that can come from moon rituals:

  • Bathing: Explore with all five senses during a bathing ritual. Which smells help you feel connected or inspired? Try incorporating essential oils or bath powders to set an appropriate tone. What sounds can you play to prepare you for what’s coming? Create a playlist to harness the energies you wish to cultivate. You can also remove artificial light and instead incorporate daylight, moonlight, or candles. Finally, bathing in salt is cleansing for the physical body and for the aura.

  • Altar cleaning or arranging: Many practitioners like to dedicate a space in their homes to honor certain spiritual symbols or artifacts. Consider including objects from nature, like stones or flowers, as well as images of people and things with which you have an emotional connection. Candles, herbs, and incense are also common.

  • Journaling: Some people prefer to free write, while others will write to focused prompts. Sometimes, let the type of moon ritual you wish to perform determine the type of writing you do beforehand. For example, you might want to write a letter to someone if you want to release ties. Alternatively, a list of intentions helps you manifest.

  • Burying stones: If you want to use stones or crystals in your ritual, you can bury them ahead of time with herbs to activate and prepare them for energetic work. The amount of time you bury your stones and the herbs you bury with them depend on the type of work you’re doing. Think about your reasons to make a plan!

  • Making moon water: Have you ever heard that leaving water and stones out in full moonlight charges or activates them? After you understand the energy of a moon, decide whether you want to harness its energy. Then, place water with stones in a container that represents your intentions. Place the container in direct moonlight overnight. You can use the charged water in daily rituals or to help you in your next full or new moon ritual!

Full and New Moon Rituals

A moon ritual can be as complicated as you want it to be, but most rituals involve just a few basic elements.

Full Moon: Cord Cutting

Cord-cutting ceremonies break energetic ties between two people. They can be helpful during the grieving process or to protect your energy from a toxic connection.

Because cord-cutting rituals support the goal of releasing something, try using them during full moons to make the most of their potential. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Write out everything you want to say to the person, even and especially if you’ll never get to say it. Don’t hold back! Your journaling doesn’t need to make sense or be filtered in any way.

  2. Visualize the cord running between you and the person you’d like to release.

  3. While visualizing the cord, cut or burn a piece of thread that represents the energetic cord. You can also burn the words you wrote.

New Moon: Intention Setting

Setting intentions helps us manifest the lives that serve our higher selves. Revealing our true desires allows us to set the clearest intentions, so the new moon is the best time for this clarifying ritual.

Try the following routine:

  1. After choosing the quiet space you’d like to use, cleanse with smoke to neutralize the environment or invite new positive energy.

  2. Select an intention and write it clearly on a piece of paper. I find it helpful to focus on one core intention at a time. If you’re having trouble choosing one, journal for a bit and observe the themes that come up!

  3. Underneath your intention, write 2-3 actions you can take to manifest. If your intention is to forgive yourself when you make small mistakes, one action you could take is to recite a self-affirming mantra every time you feel guilt over something minor.

  4. Light a candle, hold a crystal, and read your intention aloud. You can repeat it as many times as you need. When you’re finished, store the intention on an altar, or you can place it in the flame. If the candle is small enough, let it burn to completion to support your new energy.

Let the Moon Move You!

Are you interested in diving deeper into moon magic? Subscribe to my monthly moon rituals for journaling prompts, activities, and mantras to support your healing and energetic expansion.

I would also love to support you with a tarot or energy reading! In our sessions, we can talk about ways to personalize your practice and track your growth. I look forward to building a partnership with you!

In love and light,

Staci Luna