Manifestation & Fruition: Best Ways to Seize the Next Moon Phases

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Full Moon In Aquarius

As you may know, the August Full Moon is rapidly approaching, and the New Moon won’t be far behind. How will you use these moon phases to your advantage in order to optimize your quality of life? Let’s discuss rituals, fruition, and manifestation and how to go about these according to each moon phase.

Full Moon (August 3)

Fruition & Culmination: At the full moon, everything you began during last month’s new moon will reach its most prosperous stage, aka, culmination. A full moon is full of beautiful spiritual energy. It begins as a new moon, dark and full of potential. Then its surface gathers light over the course of two weeks and becomes a full moon. Take advantage of the energy from this phase to speak growth over everything that you have built and manifested in the past month.

One Way to Seize it: Meditate! Tap into that full moon energy and align yourself with your goals and visions. You can do this within a couple of hours before or after the full moon. Sit in a quiet area where you can view the moonlight and let it wash over you as you close your eyes. Take deep breaths as you imagine the moonlight filling your mind, body, and spirit. You can do this as long as you’d like and as often as you’d like during the appropriate time-frame.

What NOT to Do: Don’t start anything new or let yourself get stressed out. New projects are best left for the new moon. Use this time to relax and reflect on how far you’ve come and don’t overdo it or be too hard on yourself. Full moons are not meant to be stressful, and if you begin to get overwhelmed, just go right back to your meditation!

New Moon (August 18)

Set Intentions: Prioritize a couple of intentions that are important to you. Make them clear and specific so as not to stir up confusion in your mind and in the universe. Maybe you want to do more for others. Set an intention like: “Help the next person who gives me the opportunity.” Or perhaps you want to be kinder to yourself. Set the intention- “Replace my negative words with positive ones.”

Manifest: What is it that you strive for? That thing that makes your heart race a bit faster every time you think or speak about it. Whatever that is for you, treat it as if it is already yours. Act as if you already have it. Talk about it like it’s yours and have no doubt. Manifestation is not thinking our passions are possible, it is knowing they are and that they will come to pass.

One Way to Seize it: Start something new! Pick something you are passionate about. The first day of the new moon is the most fertile day of the moon phase cycle. This makes it the perfect time to put your all into something you love so the universe can grow it into something beautiful. So, what are you waiting for? Start whatever it is you’re putting off at the next new moon!

What NOT to Do: No leeches! Also known as energy drainers, these people love to steal our joy. While you absolutely should avoid these people 24/7, the new moon is a sacred time. You want nothing but good energy and positive vibrations in your space. This will allow for optimal creativity. Don’t let anyone affect your energy; it will alter your manifestation process. High vibrations only!


Rituals are a great way to get in tune with yourself and stay focused on your intentions. With the full moon coming up, many of you (especially if this is your first time- welcome!) may not be sure what to do for your ritual. You should check ours out! Remember, under the new moon, you set intentions and manifest. While under the full moon, you release and reflect.

Modify your ritual according to the phase we are in. While performing your ritual and asking yourself the essential questions, make sure to have a clear mind, an open spirit, and a distraction-free environment. You can even burn a candle or some incense. Remember, this ritual is yours and yours only, make yourself comfortable. It is important to note that rituals are time-sensitive as well, don’t miss your window!

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