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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I'm an Indigo child. It's taken me years to say it aloud, and when I do, I get a little teary—but not TOO teary. It’s been a challenging journey and I'm proud that I've learned to own it! YAY! It's like I'm rooting for my team. GO BETA INDIGOS!

You know, right? Indigos were first identified back in 1970s as kids with "indigo" auras. I asked my mom to describe living with her Indigo child (maybe you are one or have one) and here’s what she said:

I questioned everything and seldom accepted no for an answer. I resisted authority and structure. I was a free thinker who hated any type of structure and always seemed to have a plan that didn’t align with my parents.
I had very high expectations of myself, was easily frustrated and loved change. If something wasn’t going well I would just pick another hobby and move on.
I had high expectations of others but didn’t know how to communicate that my needs were not being met. With my fiery temperament and passionate personality everything seemed to become an argument – and if we were going to argue it had to happen immediately.
I was afraid of the dark but would sleepwalk in the night.
I was very sensitive and observant. I often seemed to see and feel things that made me anxious or scared and ultimately developed an ulcer.
I was extremely creative, loved to read and hated being an only child.

Of course, I would describe myself differently, but that's—gulp!—me. At two years old, I was having psychic conversations with my dog. At three, when my mother was busy shopping, I snuck away and convinced strangers to take me down the escalator at the mall to the music store so I could play the organ. As a tween, I once manifested a heartbeat that drummed throughout the house, awakening my parents.

In 1992, my seriously overwhelmed parents took me for counseling and ADHD testing. Little did they know that the doctor also conducted Indigo testing, and I was diagnosed as an Indigo Child. By then, I thought anything mystical was totally rad—Tarot, Kaballah, Practical Magic, Buddhism—I was so naturally into it all. But Dr. X—who is thankfully no longer licensed—had other plans for me. He wanted to stamp out my "Indigo" qualities, like, completely. And it worked, sorta. For years, I disavowed my psychic gifts, my passion and my purpose. Until my need to be myself, to find my calling and to understand my life’s purpose became more important than conforming to please others.

Discovering your gifts, losing them, and rediscovering them are often part of the Indigo path. The Awakening usually occurs in the late 20s through to the early 30s. I was trying so hard to make an unhappy marriage work, my awakening didn’t happen until the family blood clotting issue kicked in. Then I had three strokes and my dad died—and my need to feel true to myself went on overdrive!! Think Eat, Pray, Love but without the luxury of traveling the world and having no other obligations (children, work, paying bills) . It was a rough stretch, but it brought me back to my true self, my Staci self, the one whose psychic gifts are free to be and to grow. I found my mission—which is helping others understand theirs.

Recently, as a part of don Miguel Ruiz's Shaman Retreat, I had my aura "read" by a computer with sensors designed to detect the energy fields that surround human bodies. To my surprise, my aura was bright indigo and green! The team running the computer had seen a ton of auras, but never anything this "Indigo" before:

While my aura reading was a fun confirmation, I already knew that my "Indigo-ness" is stronger than ever, no matter how hard Dr. X had tried to neutralize my power!

Since then, I've done a lot of reading on Indigos—if you want more information see my Amazon Storefront for book suggestions. You don't need to see auras to recognize an Indigo. Here are some key characteristics: psychic interests and abilities, questioning or opposing authority, uncommon empathy, keen intelligence, and a sense of mission. Indigos often feel "different," because they are—they have a highly developed, unwavering sense of purpose. Like me, they want to help others.


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