Go Smudge Yourself!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Go Smudge Yourself
Go Smudge Yourself

Seriously, how is someone supposed to keep all this energy clearing stuff straight??? You go on Amazon and Etsy, and there are SO MANY products with twice as many promises. It's so overwhelming.

Don't you worry. I'm here to break it down for you. I've even chosen my favorite products for my Staci Luna Influencer Storefront on Amazon.

White Sage

"Sage" comes from the word "Salvia," which means to heal. White Sage has been used by Native Americans for healing, purification, and energy clearing for hundreds of years. When the energy feels heavy… bring in White Sage. Open the windows… yes, open them! That crappy energy needs a place to go. Use a large shell—or anything fireproof will do—and light your bundle.

Intention is everything here. I like to use matches, so when I strike, my intention is in the flames. This moment is kind of a big deal for me. I also don't blow my matches out—I leave them on stones or with my White Sage, so that the intention isn’t blown away. I use a feather to fan the embers in my White Sage bundle.

I begin by going to every high-traffic area. Think about every eye roll, running-late moment, argument, tantrum, emotional breakdown, overall not-so-awesome situation that your front door, back door, garage door, main hallways, and staircase have seen. I know—it's triggering.

Wait for it! These are not even the worst areas, usually…. It's the kitchen around the stove and the bathrooms that have the most excess energy. The kitchen cabinets seem to bear the most weight—I think because the primary caregiver is emotionally exhausted. Spend a good amount of time smudging in there.

Remember the bedrooms, mattresses, where we toss and turn and stress. Mirrors and closets—anywhere there's any negative self talk. Computer/workstations where bills are being paid, schoolwork is being done, stress is happening: give all that a good clearing. Do not forget yourself! Everyone in your family, especially your pets.

If it's the first time, or the first time in six months, leave those windows open a few hours. Try to do a White Sage smudge once a month—if you can do it more, amazing! If you can’t, Hello! We all have lives.

Think of White Sage as moving energy out. It wipes the slate clean. It clears all the energy, in all the things and people. Then you need to bring good energy back in. Just don’t clear the gross energy at the same time that you invite positive energy inside. That’s a no-no.

After you've finished with the White Sage, smudge with one of the following plants. You choose which one works for you. (I'm lying. I love Palo Santo!)

Palo Santo

The smell of Palo Santo…. OMG. The fire walk I did was on Palo Santo, and I swear that’s what got me to do it. The smell radiates good vibes. Once you clean out all the old gross air, you'll want to sweeten it right up with the Palo Sato and invite in all that good energy.

Sweet Sage

It comes in braids. It's fun. Said to bring in sweetness.


For the soul. For the energetically depleted.

As a Tarot reader, I am using White Sage, ALL DAY LONG. If I go more than a month without using White Sage in the house, everyone can feel it. The first cleansing can be a bit overwhelming, but you've got this! Once you make it a practice, it’s a piece of cake.

Comment and let me know how you smudge? Or if you are doing it for the first time, let me know how it goes! Are you a Palo Santo fan like me?

UPDATE: You will need sage for your full moon ritual coming up this month. Order Staci's Full & New Moon Rituals today!



PS: Any bundle with dried flowers is better. YES. YES. YES!!! This is why my Staci Luna Influencer Storefront on Amazon features smudging bundles and kits with the prettiest flowers. We like pretty.

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