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Confessions of A Shopaholic

Updated: 4 days ago

I shop, and as I do, I sometimes think Amazon gave me my own influencer store, less because of my ability to influence and more because of the amount of times I hit the “Buy Now” button!

As I was modeling my hairstyle after Isla Fisher, I was telling my hairstylist, one of my most favorite people, about the influencer classes I was taking. She replied, "Girl….I’m taking money management classes on Tuesday’s, the Dave Ramsey ones…you should too." Let me tell you, that’s one demon, I’m not sure I’m ready to slay. I think my face looked similar to this…

So, don’t you all worry, once a month, I am going to be coming to you with my ABSOLUTE favorite things, with a list to match in my Amazon store. So, you two can click BUY NOW.

My morning coffee and collagen…I'm chronically ill and live on rat poison blood thinners and have had a couple strokes. My daily spoonful of tasteless collagen changed the game. My hair, nails and skin are SO much healthier. I have tons of baby hairs coming in and am shedding way less. I finally got to take my fake nails off, and my skin has this glow…not all; old lady crepe face. I was so obsessed I made my man try it for his joint paint…HUGE IMPROVEMENT! The overall loss of stiffness and achiness is an AMAZING bonus. Chronic illness warriors and all of us trying to get as many days as possible out of our Botox…this is the under $20 investment we’ve all been begging for!


Trying to be less reactive, our figure out what makes you, ‘you’…this is the book you’ve been searching for all of your life and had no idea you needed. I’m not here to lie to you. This is some deep shit. You’ve got to be WOKE for this. Your mindfulness coach, tarot reading friend who is CONSTANTLY talking about shadow work and moon work, got her "Hologenetic Profile" and literally ran away. Yep, I fled, to my friends. It scared the shit out of me. Then I got to work, and you can too. This book is so phenomenal, I’ve turned almost everyone I love onto it. It works similarly to astrology, it’s all about YOU and you only. You get an absolutely FREE report and start studying what you do when vibrating in different frequencies. It’s so fascinating and obvious at the same time. It helps you to not only understand yourself, but everyone else in your life at a more loving and karmic level.


I smudge, a lot…I smudge with White Sage before and after reading, y’all seem me do it. I smudge with Palo Santo before I mediate. I REALLY love the smell of Palo Santo. If we have had an exceptional 24 hours, I up my Palo Santo game, to keep those positive vibes going. If we have had a tough day, the White Sage comes back out like an eraser. Every Full and New Moon, I erase and erase with the White Sage, I like a clean slate…that’s why I love this kit. We have abalone shells all over our home. Sage bundles with and without flowers and Palo Santo so whenever anyone feels like the energy in the house is stale, we open a window and light it up. I love the feather in this kit too, it helps you feel like the master of ceremony that you are!!

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