A New Moon Ritual

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

A New Moon Ritual

This New Moon energy is INTENSE, and while, I meant to get this blog out much earlier, Mercury is also going into retrograde, so, welp, things happened, and might be for you too.

It might feel like life is heating up, as we head toward the end of the decade, Scorpio, is hard for a lot of us. I know it’s complicated for this Capricorn. We are in the Scorpio New Moon energy, its directly opposite the planet of change, Uranus making it even more confusing than it usually would be. So, maybe I can shed some light on the last week.

Scorpio goes deep, shadowy, Uranus is the planet that governs chaos theory and unpredictability that often leads to the breakthroughs, and awaking’s.

It’s a time to really take stock, to quote friends “pivot, “Intention is everything. Write down how you want your life to change & what you are going to do to participate in the change. Have you been shady? Spending too much time in your shadow? Rise up, write down your intentions, all of them, no wish is too big.

Ask the Scorpio New Moon. Specifically, how is my sex life? What can I do to make it even better?

Who do I need to forgive? What would my life look like If I released this grudge?

What are the top five changes I want to see in my life?

After you do this exercise, go outside under the moonlight, in a safe, flame retardant receptacle, light the piece of paper you chose to answer all of these questions on, on fire, and thank the moon.

Together, we will all grow.

Thank you for doing this New Moon Ritual with me.

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