Minor Arcarna Swords

The Tarot Swords Suit

Associations: Conflict, Anxiety, The Shit That Keeps You Up At Night

Astrological Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Cardinal Direction: East


I. Ace of Swords

Fresh start—a crazy-exciting-sudden IN YOUR FACE perfect opportunity! Clarity. Ace of Swords is a super-auspicious card. In any spread, it's important to note that this card overrules any negative Minor Arcana card in any area of your life. Like, shit is awesome. Period. Don't overthink it. Just enjoy the flow and be in gratitude. Really. 


Reversed: Basically, now isn't your time. Conflicts and arguments cut deep into your soul. The promotion you want, the position you're running for, or basically anything you are “up for” isn't happening during this growth cycle. I know it's hard to hear this stuff. Work on that self-love and try again. This is a confidence issue. It's totally OK. That's how we learn. 


King of Swords

This King is serious. He's ambitious—maybe not the most patient, but like, nobody has ever said "no" to him. I mean he always gets what he wants. Try to stay detached and objective when dealing with this King. Like his queen, he doesn't take to emotion well. He is very hands-on. He wants you to use your head and not get overly dramatic, A.K.A. have any feelings about anything.


Reversed: Once again, we have a destructive King. He wants to win, and he's so controlling. This King will stalk, track, spy, and do whatever is necessary to keep control of anything that he thinks is his. You will feel trapped. Mind games are second nature to this sneaky King. You don't want to play chess with someone like this. 


Queen of Swords

His Queen likes details, and nothing slips by her. She isn't warm like our other Queen. She's icy and hates bullshit. She doesn't like emotions or have any patience. She wants the whos, whats, whys, and wheres. Almost robotic in nature. 


Reversed: Usually when this card reverses, it's women, well, being women. Usually one friend has lashed out at another. Your frenemy—for lack of a better word—has turned jealous and bitter. Honestly, there's not a damn thing that you can do, unless you're her. Then you can put on your Big Girl panties, and apologize and stop the nonsense. 


Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is fierce, determined, and aggressively pursues all goals void of compassion and any real responsibility. Full of life and energy, the Knight comes barreling in, not really caring about risk, only the reward. The drawback is that he is totally blind to the challenges and any consequences of his actions. I mean, he is all bad boy and it's sexy, but do you ever think about anyone but yourself, Knight of Swords? He does show great ambition and drive. That brute strength is easy to get swept up in. Just be careful with this Knight! He has a tendency to put himself WAY before others.


Reversed: The high-drama Knight likes to blow things out of proportion and get, like, so ridiculously carried away. If you thought he was Mr. Reliable…. Yeah, well, think again. You can only count on him to cause a scene. Walk away. No, wait: Actually run! Run away, fast. 


Page of Swords

So excited to start new projects! You have a brain that moves lightning fast—most people struggle to catch up to you. The problem is that either you have a sensitivity chip missing, or you are just super-immature, and nobody is really sure which one? Also, this Page doesn't finish what he starts. He needs a team. Can he keep a team together with that chip situation?


Reversed: When reversed, the super-smart Page is just outright manipulative. Be really careful what you tell this Page, as they are running around talking trash about everyone in their wake…. It's gross. And remember: People judge you by who you hang with. 


X. Ten of Swords

Ouch! Stabbed in the back. Endings. Well, now you know: You didn't need them anyway. They are just clearing the path for new, and way better, opportunities. For real. I know it hurts. But straighten out the crown, and clean up that mascara, and get ready for the ball. 


Reversed: The same but with DRAMA…. You can't let go. Stop texting. You may feel guilty, or pissed, or actually even who-cares. But just stop. Seriously. It's over, no matter how many times you make up and breakup. It's so over, and nobody wants to hear about it, see it, or be involved in it. STOP. Really. 



VIIII. Nine of Swords

The "Up At Night" card. I make grocery lists, or think of ten million great blog ideas. I never remember half of it in the morning. For some people though, this card represents extreme anxiety; for others, it's no big deal. It depends how the rest of reading stacks up. We all have those nights when we can't sleep, no matter how hard we try. That's this card. Anxiety.  


Reversed: Despair, guilt, anxiety, complete powerlessness. This is the overwhelmed-with-anxiety, pulling-out-my-hair card. The great news is that this is absolutely and completely the lowest point in the cycle. So once you get a handle on it, there is nowhere to go but up. Turn on a free meditation app. Do some guided anxiety meditations, and before you know it, boom, everything feels lighter. Seriously, thank god for guided meditation on demand.


VIII. Eight of Swords

You feel trapped, like you have the worst luck ever. Or that you're cursed, maybe from birth. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT. But you are making some bad choices. Choose happiness. If you don't like your life, start making decisions to change it. It takes commitment and hard work to change, but you CAN do it. Ask for support. This card might also indicate humiliation. No biggie. We've all been humiliated. We've all felt like we can't get up. But there is always someone to offer a hand, if you are willing to accept it. 


Reversed: The same, but with super-strong emotions, such as guilt, shame, and regret. A large dose of negative-seeking behavior with some anger on the side. Usually not our most shining moment. As with all Minor Arcana, this too shall pass.


VII. Seven of Swords

The "Thief." Are they stealing your bag or your heart? Pay close attention, because someone is up to no good. It could be an energy vampire. Keep a look out…. Someone is stealing something from you, or you are lying to yourself about the nature of a relationship. You are not setting proper boundaries. Beware of shady people in business too…. Seriously, not everyone is your friend, even though they act like it.


Reversed: Don't I totally relate to this Reversal? You think that you're too exhausted to take a stand. Not the best approach when dealing with shady people. Especially in business situations. It's not OK just to roll over on your back all the time. Sometimes you have to stick up for yourself. Now is definitely that time.


VI. Six of Swords

You need change, STAT, and it's coming. You have zero idea what, why, where. You just know, in every ounce of your being, better things lie ahead, and you're right. Not sure if this is physical or metaphorical, but just take that leap of faith. This card is so positive. All goose bumps. 


Reversed: I get it—I know it's easier to run away, but you won't learn anything that way. And what exactly are you trying to run from? Everywhere you go, there you are. 


V. Five of Swords

Playing games, opposition, family drama. Basically conflicts, ya know, anywhere or everywhere. Ongoing stress and drama. Not much authenticity and lots of game playing. I'm not actually sure you know what's going on with you at this point. You are so up in your own head.


Reversed: Unnecessary conflict. Getting sucked into other people's shit…. Why are you always in other people's dramas? Find a way to exit that. I get it, really. It's so easy to champion the underdog, but you keep losing friends and becoming the bad guy for reasons that actually have nothing to do with you. That's not really fair, is it? Ask yourself how to shift that energy so that you take things a little less personally.


IV. Four of Swords

Meditation. Bath time. Me time. Journal.  In a three-card spread, this card ALWAYS shows up in past and present. Seriously. Go look at my pick-a-card. My friends and family are annoyed at how often I tell them to meditate. Because it's life changing. I missed two days once, and I was SUCH A BITCH. Do me a favor: Just try it for a week. If you are already meditating, and you pulled this card, clearly you need something more. Try to add journaling? Reading? Hiking? Kundalini? I don't really know what you need, but I bet you'll figure it out if you sit in stillness for an hour. 


Reversed: Ughhhhhhhhh. Shit is getting real. It's time to take an extended leave from work or a relationship. Listen, I know you know this. I'm guessing this is why you are doing the reading. I'm not going to let you get all up in your head about it. Be positive about changes you have to make. You can totally build a life you love. I promise.


III. Three of Swords

I don't like to use the word "hate," but… something happens to my energy when I pull this card. As an empath, it stings a bit. Because it's hard to let go of illusions and this card is pain. The trauma is deep, and betrayal lingers. You barely know how to breathe or who to trust as you slowly stand up from the ashes—you just know that you are standing up and beginning something. The bandage has been ripped off, and you are beginning to move out of the shock. You don't see it yet, but it's healing. I promise. 

Reversed: This might sound batshit, but all your craziness is totally necessary. Everyone who loves you, we get it. This Reversal is actually more of a positive thing. Let it out… let it out. Release… release. We got you. 


II. Two of Swords

Indecision. Stalemate. This is often the time-out card in friendships and relationships. Or sometimes it's work stuff. Go meditate and think it through—seriously, I'm putting you in a time-out. Remember if you're doing too much finger-pointing, it's your own shit you're looking at. Put others in a compassionate and forgiving place. Once you do that, they'll be fewer roadblocks in your path.

Reversed: Listen to your intuition here! Dude, you are being manipulated. If you think someone is full of shit, they probably are. Please don't be that person who talks it to death. Make a decision and stick to it.