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Minor Arcana Pentacles

The Tarot Pentacles Suit

Associations: Finance, Home, Body

Astrological Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Cardinal Direction: North

I. Ace of Pentacles


Prosperity. Fresh start. I call this the "Clarity of Life Purpose" card. You've finally figured out what lights you up, and you can't get enough. You are goal setting, and the financial reward is crazy! Money is just showing up, along with opportunities, everywhere. Real seeds that grow into long-term investments. You are vibrating SO high! Property, careers, solid foundations, and security are coming your way. You totally deserve it!!!


Reversed:  Aces reversed generally shows greed—and a sore lack of gratitude that ends up impacting other areas of your life, like family and relationships. In the worst of situations, it will bleed over into work and stain the carpet. The Ace of Pentacles suggests that you may not receive the money that you are owed. That raise you worked your ass off for is probably not happening. Or this card is pointing to financial error—think IRS or something like that. Financial mismanagement in everyday life. Can you really afford a new smart phone right now? 

King of Pentacles


He's got the Midas touch! Everything he touch, turn to gold (insert music notes). The "Oprah"  of Tarot. You've got a car, you've got a car. You get what I mean…. Basically the Oprah car. Your business wish is granted. We know you can do it, and coins will drop….

Reversed: Basically, some Steve-Jobs-before-he-got-kicked-out-of-Apple stuff. There are two very big sides to this. Did Steve Jobs lose his entire mind and act like a deranged lunatic, or did Apple screw him? I believe this is an extremely gray area…. And that, my friends, is the King of Pentacles Reversed. A person determined to win at any cost... I say as I type this on my Mac, while chatting on my iPhone. 

Queen of Pentacles


Well, aren't you just the whole package? Your portfolio is healthy and you are healthy—Hola Mother Earth personified. For everyone who said that you can't have it all, the Queen of Pentacles is here to say: Oh yes I can…. Oh yes I can! She's warm and secure. She loves and supports freely, and she stays in total balance. You can't be jealous because she's so damn kind. It's just like that.


Reversed: The Reversed Queen finds herself lonely and isolated with money and trust issues. She has financial advisors that she doesn't have confidence in, and friends and relationships that make her feel uncomfortable. Or that are insecure. The Reversed Queen is stubborn. She has trouble putting herself in others' shoes. 

Knight of Pentacles


Slow and steady, and usually doesn't win the race. Not much to see, but always comes through. Not earth-shattering or super-exciting, but steady and responsible and guess what? There's nothing wrong with stability. Stability and structure are SEXY to this Capricorn. As a Court card, the Knight of Pentacles can represent a part of yourself, someone in your life, or an event.

Reversed: Whoa. Financial issues. DO NOT BE COMPLACENT. If you feel like there is a money issue, you know what? There's a money issue. You are getting awful advice. Worst-case scenario: You are handling money badly and being an asshole. There's some serious shadiness happening. Super uncool. 

Page of Pentacles


Student. You are super into school. The Page of Pentacles is all about manifesting dreams in the material world. Guess what? You are all about what you've learned and applying it in the real world. The Page represents enthusiasm and excitement focused around a dream or goal. Not about the endgame—more about creating the actual dream and making it into reality…. Yay! Most people never make it this far.


Reversed: Unlike the super-responsible upright Page, think of the Reversal as the irresponsible twin brother. The fun one who is reckless and throws the best parties. Until you spend more than, like, twenty minutes having a conversation and their gross entitlement makes you want to leave the room. Yeah…. Not the best look.

X. Ten of Pentacles


EVERYTHING…. I wanted to insert Ariel humming in "The Little Mermaid." Total financial success and independence, business off the charts. Everything you ever dreamed of building is built. If you are spiritual, like me, you can see it as spiritual growth and maturity, or financial growth. Personally, I believe it all goes together in one big burrito.


Reversed: Generational issues over money and property. Controlling parents. You don't get them, and they don't get you. Whatever was promised, yeah... it's not happening. In relationships, super ego-driven. I'm sorry. Things are not at all what you dreamed of. Womp-womp. But it will get better. I promise.

IX. Nine of Pentacles


Super similar to the Queen of Pentacles, just more chill. Things are financially really good. You're saving money, vibing high because money isn't a thing anymore. Your Root Chakra is super-aligned because you feel safe and secure since money is better than right. You feel calm and at ease. Super abundant. Enjoy.


Reversed: Debt, borrowing money from people to pay your bills for a prolonged period of time, calls from creditors, fears about losing your car, your home, your credit cards. I've totally been here: It's the worst. Don't struggle alone…. For real. Maybe now is the time to call a mental health pro. Just to tide you over.

VIII. Eight of Pentacles


The "Apprentice." My man was an apprentice, so I have a deep love and admiration for this card. Years of being pushed around like a grunt in his late 30s by twenty-somethings just to earn his spot. Practically slave labor. When I watched him and all his peers at the Foreman graduation—standing room only because their buddies came—I was overwhelmed. They were all so proud. They shined, lit up. THEY HAD DONE THE WORK. They never had to worry about health insurance again. Their money instantly doubled. First in line for jobs. That's this card. Congratulations! Yay! You've laid the groundwork. 


Reversed: You feel trapped in your current career. Totally not living your best life. Maybe you're realizing that you chose a job path just for money and don't enjoy it anymore. Regardless: It's ending. Over. Finished. You'll be looking for a new career, one that makes you smile every time you go to work. 

VII. Seven of Pentacles


Patience is a virtue that almost none of us have anymore. I mean Door Dash is here in 30, Prime in one day. You've been working your ass off. I know, it's exhausting and feels overwhelming, and like maybe you've bitten off more tuna roll than you can chew. I mean seriously: It's easy to get overwhelmed. But look at the fruit starting to ripen…. it's beautiful. As life sprouts up around us, it's important to sit back and think about the four seasons and how this whole creation thing works. You've created a masterpiece. Things take time. Breathe, relax. You've got this. Really. When it's done, it will be so much more than you ever dreamed of.


Reversed: Procrastination. It's hard to work—like really hard. It's not fun at all. It's way more fun to go to lunch first, maybe watch a little Bravo. Instead, ask yourself: Why? Why don't I want to get this done? Do I not think I deserve it? Why am I always in debt? Is it because I have a lifestyle that I can't afford? Do I really feel better about myself? Do what you need to do and move on.

VI. Six of Pentacles


I love this card! It's hard sometimes to see anything but money-is-coming, money-is-coming. Which is obviously cool, but it's about way more than that. It's about volunteering, learning, accepting, and giving help with zero conditions. When you get to that zero-ego soul level, you find that growth and fulfillment come your way. What you give, you get, except with this particular card, it's got dollar signs. You've given so much good energy, money just flows in.

Reversed: Good news! You are still totally getting money. The bad news, it's not staying. Don't spend foolishly. Pay super-close attention to your wallet…. Don't use your debit card online—I don't care how secure the website looks. Also, be careful of too-good-to-be-true offers. We all barely made it through the 2008 sub-prime meltdown. Let's not have amnesia.

V. Five of Pentacles


I'm not going to lie to you: This isn't one of my favorite cards in the Tarot deck. It reminds me a lot of my divorce. Feeling alone, isolated, scared, like I lost a lot. When money goes, sometimes health does too. Here's the thing though: You aren't abandoned. You will see who's standing by you… you really will. You will not be alone. This is a test of resources. There's growth here, and it's unlike anything you've ever experienced... provided that you find the space to be in gratitude. If you can't find three things to be grateful for, one will do—just find one—every day.


Reversed: I'm not going to sugarcoat this. I'm kind of the morality police and your values suck. Remember, this card can represent a person in a reading too—if so, then their values suck. They care about things, not people. No matter how enlightened you are, you can't make someone else ascend…. We don't have that kind of power. The universe teaches each one of us our lessons. It's a very difficult thing, but that's how it works. 

IV. Four of Pentacles


The Hoarder. I like to be optimistic and think maybe you're saving money for a big purchase, like a new home or an awesome tree-house vacation. Often, unfortunately, you're just riddled with anxiety. You buy six pairs of Birkenstocks because they're on sale and you never know when you might need them. You are safe—you're good, I promise. This card totally shows me that there's consistent money coming in. Maybe it's not what you would like, but it's enough. Show that coin some gratitude and watch it multiply! 


Reversed: Sometimes the worse we feel about ourselves, the more airs we put on: This is that card. You love to show everyone all your expensive toys, but is that really helping how you feel about yourself? Your low self-esteem is going to mess shit up at work. Others don't have time for your insecurity, control issues, and smugness. But this is what happens when you don't deal with shit. You come off as someone who people don't want to be around. I know that's not what you want, and I certainly don't want that for you. 

III. Three of Pentacles


You are a shiny star, for real! People want to hear what you have to say. This card often represents being called on to do something amazing! It's sometimes known as the "Architect" card, because "you stand head and shoulders above friends and enemies alike." I call it the "Ascension" card because the direction is up, up, up. But gird your loins: There's a big downside. When you succeed, it pushes the big, green envy button. That's other people's work and really none of your business. Enjoy your new calling. Enterprise. Success.

Reversed:  The career that you set your sights on forever isn't as amazing as you had hoped. Or, you really aren't all that into working and would rather have a quinoa salad with your friends. Maybe you feel so bored in your job that not even a sunflower bouquet perks up the cubicle. You know it all already. Or maybe it's just not the career for you. Stalled projects. Disappointment. 

II. Two of Pentacles


Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Your life is a juggling act, and you're a pro. Like, a serious pro. If you borrow $200 and get that $450 someone owes you, the rent is totally cool. You always make it work. Get that kid to soccer practice and make it to the meeting on time. But all this multi-tasking and balancing everything-at-once isn't a cakewalk. Word, it's exhausting. Maybe put something aside the next time you get a windfall. Save vacation time so you can leave an hour earlier on Wednesdays. Look for some balance before you run your sweaty ass into the ground.


Reversed: Gambling, business relationships in trouble, work relationships gone toxic—possibly a boss who you will never, ever please, stop answering calls and emails at all hours, I promise, it will never be enough. Financial issue after financial issue. The end of a relationship due to shady financial dealings. Not the right time to double down.

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