Major Arcarna Tarot

The Meaning of the Major Arcana in Tarot

The Major Arcana follows the Fool—the only unnumbered card in the Major Arcana—on her journey through enlightenment. She meets many mentors and stumbles upon many lessons from Spirit Guides. So when the Major Arcana cards appear, we listen closely. I try to keep pop culture spin in my readings, but I take divine guidance and karmic lessons pretty seriously. I feel you should too. I like to think of the Fool as Cady Heron, that sweet, home-schooled new girl on her first day of high school in "Mean Girls."  She went through many trials and errors before she made Spring Fling Princess and found her way to a higher level of consciousness. 


I'll be here for you. Just like Ms. Norbury was there for Cady, no matter what she was going through. 




0. The Fool

You've been begging for something new and exciting. Voila! It's here! You are going to wanna have a lot of shit in your purse—I mean, just in case. You are about to experience new loves and new ideas. Creativity is sparking like crazy, and it feels SOOOO right. I totally get that it's scary. I promise the first step is the hardest. If you've been waiting for a sign, this is it.

Reversed: Ill-advised risks, impulsive actions, shitty choices, and rash decisions. Foolishness, gambling, instability, and a straight-up waste of beautiful energy. There goes the kiwi smoothie all over your shirt.


I. The Magician

When the Magician shows up, it's a guarantee that whatever you have manifested is about to appear. The Universe feels your energy, and the evidence is on its way! Call it synchronicities, fate, knowings, or destiny. Or action, power, confidence, authenticity and potential. New beginnings. Did I say magic? You're totally inventing the next washing machine.

Reversed: Confusion. Hesitation. Failure to launch. Low self-esteem. Is your mom still making your lunch? 


II. The High Priestess

You are ready to learn everything that there is to know about yourself. Only then will you move to a deeper level of consciousness and intuitiveness. You'll see below the surface and grasp deeper, more nuanced, meaning. Quiet your mind. Unseen forces are at work. Intuitiveness. Understanding. Psychic ability and divine femininity. Duality and mysterious hidden-female influences. Don't forget: You are the secret sauce. 

Reversed: Issues resulting from a lack of foresight. Loss of personal harmony. Suppressing your feminine energy. Your intuition is calling—listen.


III. The Empress

Mama. It's time for some very practical healing growth. When you don't put your oxygen mask on first, you actually block abundance. (You might need to reread that. I'll give you a sec.) Time to nurture and heal yourself. You CAN take care of you—you can grow and watch those around you grow too, I promise. The Empress brings healing and abundance. She's the creator, the nurturer. She symbolizes the germination of any idea, the stage before it's fully born. Before the Big Bang.


Reversed: Problems at home, problems with finances. Unwanted pregnancy. Fertility issues. Lack of affection and achievement. Energy blocks. Is the sink clogged?


IV. The Emperor

It's time to figure out what's working and what is just not. Be your own Dad. Set your own boundaries and limits. Put yourself in a timeout if you react instead of respond. STOP. Think. What needs to grow? What is controllable, what isn't? Master of his domain, loved and trusted by all.


Reversed: Weakness. Immaturity. Failed ambition. Status driven. Tyrannical. Untrustworthy. Shady. Walking down a dark alley all alone is rarely a good idea.


V. The Hierophant

I think of this card as my ethical coach. It's asking you to unlearn everything you have ever learnt so that you can feel a connection to the Guides within. We are all on a journey, and this card asks you to trust the universe and to know that everything coming your way is a lesson. Symbol of MORAL law. A wise and ethical advisor, a practical instructor, and a Spiritual Guide. Security.


Reversed: Creativity and imagination run rampant with this reversal. Rely on your intuition and strength of will.


VI. The Lovers

This card is the confirmation that you are looking for! You are both ready—train-off-the-tracks, love-at-first-site ready. Absolutely no joke. Soul mate. LOVE writ large. Symbolizing impulses that drive humans into adulthood. Once you cross over this threshold, there is no turning back. Soul connection. This is the real deal. 


Reversed: Contradiction. Deception. Lust. Disharmony. Internal conflict. Infidelity. Romantic chaos and conflict. Believe me, you're going to want to hold off on making decisions.


VII. The Chariot

You're ready! No risk, no reward. Self-reliant and prepared. You've worked your ass off. Your hard effort has paid off—be prepared for fast results. All of your dreams are coming true. Don't look back, because you aren't going in that direction. Real talk. 


Reversed: A warning against overweening ambition. Rage. Ego-driven, not soul-driven. Selfishness. Arrogance. Take it down a notch. Or ten.


VIII. Strength

It's time to save yourself. You've got so much strength inside of you, or you wouldn't have drawn this card. Whatever you need, the universe will provide. Just believe and take the first step. Discipline and control. In the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot, the lion represents the primal part of the mind that is tamed. Here, she tames wild aluminum without losing her mind. Stay balanced.  


Reversed: Power misused. Not listening to the intuition. Defeat. No willpower. Negative Nancy. 


IX. The Hermit

Run a bath. Turn off the phone. Withdraw from society and like yourself again. Breath work. Meditation. Stillness. Insight. Inward. Self-reflection. Journal. Write.

Reversed: Refusing to listen to the Counsel of Elders. Immaturity. Resisting help and helpers. Suspiciousness, fear, impatience, ignorance.



X. Wheel of Fortune

Your dreams are coming true! Destiny is knock, knock, knocking on your door. Sometimes this feels a tiny bit scary, like maybe you aren't ready. Trust me. You are ready. This is a sign that some things will fall by the wayside so that you can move forward on your destined journey. The road is paved with gold. Let go with confidence—your Spirit Guides are with you and this is decreed by fate. New Cycle. Effortless success. Do good, get good. Karma. Coincidences. Destiny. Synchronicity. Luck. Pleasant surprises. 

Reversed: Difficulties. Delays. Bad luck. Bad karma. Resistance to change. Unpleasant surprises. 


XI. Justice

When things feel out of balance, often they are. Really try to look at all perspectives here—it will help you get back in balance. Often the situation is best healed by looking at both the positives and negatives. Your Spirit Guides are asking you not to take things personally. Emotions are heated, but all good things come from love. When you find the love in the situation, you will find personal healing. Divorce and custodial dealings. Legalities. Settlement. Contracts. All that fine print stuff.


Reverse: Injustice. Delay. Imbalance. Separation, but not yet legal. Inequity. Can't get past the anger.



XII. The Hanged Man

Your world is turned upside down. This card could represent an experience or a person that feels completely unnerving and unsettling. The growth from this situation is second to none. A part of you has been shaken to the core, and you are asking yourself some really tough questions. Why am I hanging onto things that don't serve me? You can feel yourself starting to let go and then holding on tight. This card is here to say: It's OK. Let go. You've got this. 


Reverse: Materialism. Inflated ego. Lack of willpower. Easily Influenced. Self-inflicted martyrdom. No commitment. Loss.



XIII. Death

This card often triggers a ton of fear, but it's actually quite beautiful. Sometimes, but not always, it represents actual loss and grief. With all loss, we grow, learn, and are transformed. The lesson of healing is to accept and release. It is excruciatingly difficult, but also magically bountiful. Choose to lean in, toward the new vibrations. Absolute endings and beginnings. Grow into the transformation. Once that mayo has gone bad, it's gone bad. No use in saving it. Don't eat it anymore. It's toxic. It's abrupt—like five seconds ago, the mayo was cool. Like food poisoning—it's shocking, it's fast, it's furious, and you'll be forever transformed. Complete change in your way of life. Build a life you love. 


Reversed: Stagnation. Loss of opportunity. Loss of friendship. Fear. Agonizing periods of transition. Exhaustion. Lost in grief.



XIV. Temperance

Letting go brings stability. The past is a very dangerous place to hang out. You are ready to take complete responsibility for your role in your life. Take every difficult thing that could ever happen to you, put it all in a blender, mix it up. Don't break a sweat while you make a beautiful cake. Self-control. You can handle volatile situations and achieve positive results. You are so chill and diplomatic. You could negotiate a hostage situation. 


Reversed: Imbalance. Volatility. Poor judgment. Fickle. Conflicted. High stress. Disagreements. Olive pits in the blender.



XV. The Devil

You know that dark place inside of you where you put all the secret desires that you hide from everyone, especially yourself? This card represents that cubbyhole. It could be major stuff, like addictions, but also minor stuff. Hear me: You created this devil and you can destroy it too. That damn chocolate cake, vape pen, drink, ex-boyfriend, porn, or whatever is keeping you from being as healthy as possible. Say no.


Reversed: Lust. Greed. Ignorance. Entrapment. If you pulled this card—either reversed or upright—you know why. Even as a Housewife dancing cake, ask yourself: What's up? And why?


XVI. The Tower

This is a tough one: Shit is coming, crumbling down. Abrupt and scary. I want you to really hear me. It's hard to see this while you are deep in it, but believe me, this is a blessing in disguise. Violent loss. Overthrow of an existing way of life. NECESSARY CHANGE. I love the imagery here. I never want to eat a Jell-O mold again, ever. We all know what's in Jell-O, right? This is a tough card, but remember: It is a blessing. It might take a long time to see it, but it is a blessing. Jell-O is gross. 


Reversed: Sudden change. Downfall. Negativity. Severe financial problems. 



XVII. The Star

This is seriously one of my favorite cards in Tarot. I believe this card to represent Spirit Guides who lead you to your soul's purpose. Everything in your journey has brought you to this moment. You are destined to be here. Nothing stands in your way. Just lean in, toward the magic. Fresh hope. Renewal. Healing of old emotional wounds. Balanced body and spirit. Say oom.


Reversed: Self-doubt. Lack of trust. Cynical. Pessimistic. Blocking your own way to happiness. Rigid. Close-minded.



XVIII. The Moon

Shadow work. Start learning to love the darkest and most unlovable parts of yourself. The parts of yourself you don't like people to point out, or that you immediately dislike when you recognize it in others. When you accept your dark side, it's the beginning of true self-love. Psychic work. Shaman journey work. Life of the imagination, as distinct from life of the spirit. Dreams are psychic gifts. Know thyself fully.


Reversed: Fear. Anxiety. Highly charged emotions. Lies and deceit. Insincerity. Desperate needs for validation, attention, help, etc. Womp-womp.


XIX. The Sun

Can you feel the warmth? The darkness is behind you—you sense that everything is beginning to turn. Resistance is melting, and inner work is at a soul level. The ego and shadow work have merged. You can feel your health and relationships blossoming. Celebrate your growth, and bask in the warmth of the sunlight. Gratitude. Enlightenment. Vitality. Love. Fulfillment. The EVERYTHING card in Tarot. The full Monty.


Reversed: Unhappiness. Troubled relationships. Broken engagements and contracts. Bad judgment. Delay. Failures. That layover might last for days.



XX. Judgment

In traditional Tarot, this card means that a wrong judgment about you will be righted. I love the Housewives deck imagery: You'll always be judged like a piece of meat. Do your very best, and those haters will see who you are. Don't judge them for being miserable. Poof! They are about to be awakened by your AMAZINGNESS!!! The greatest thing about the Judgment card is that by the time it happens, you are at total peace with yourself and couldn't care less what anyone thinks. Sometimes, the biggest critics of ourselves are us. Knock it off—you're rad. Notice the scale says 0. 


Reversed: Guilt. Fear of death. Fear of change. Fear of growth. Fear of you-name-it.



XXI. The World

I always want to hum the '90s Super Mario Theme song! You did it. You completed this cycle! Pause and celebrate your amazing growth. Ready to do it all again at a much more elevated level? The Universe loves to recognize you for a job well done with all the rewards that you merit. Everything that you've ever manifested is on its way and then some. Everyone you love is vibrating on up with you. It's all soooo good. 


Reversed: Stagnation. Lack of will. You totally don't get it. Impatience. Total lack of faith and trust. Did I say you don't get it?