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Life Coaching and Wellness

Let "Spiritual Life Coach" Staci Luna guide you through tough times or trauma.  "My services are designed for those who want to develop a deeper understanding of their own spirituality and gain clarity on what they need in order to feel happier, healthier and more
fulfilled in their lives." - Staci

Staci was quoted by 

In the article "How to read Tarot cards, according to the pros," Staci provides advice to beginning tarot readers and dispels a well established myth.

When you’re in the market for a tarot deck, Bay Area tarot reader Staci Luna said — simply put — to go with the one you like, with art that speaks to you. “A tarot deck that tells a visual story, the clearer the imagery on the card, the less you need to memorize,” Luna said.


“You can totally buy your own deck, and ignore superstitious beliefs that you must be given a deck.”

Some of the Benefits of Life Coaching

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of knowing that you need more in life, but having no idea how to tangibly achieve it? You need a life coaching session.

Through assistance in identifying weaknesses, a plan can be put into place through goal setting to help you overcome obstacles, and provide accountability and support.

In addition, we can talk about helping you to manage your time, set priorities, and talk you through making tough decisions. If you are feeling stuck in life, or if you are struggling to achieve your goals, be sure to book a session to get back on track.

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Some of Staci's Credentials

Recent Certificates & Diplomas


  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner, accredited by Complementary Therapist Accredited  Association (CTAA), The Priority Academy

  • Certified Life Coach, accredited by Transformation Academy

  • Spiritual Energetic Protection Diploma, accredited by Wargachuk Academy 

  • EFT Tapping Practitioner Coach, The Priority Academy 

  • Shinpiden Reiki Master & Teacher, accredited by Lisa Masters, Reiki Master Teacher 

  • Certificate of Completion and Accreditation, Angel Oracle Card Reader, Medium and Channeler, accredited  by Academy of Ancient Magik

  • Certified Crystal Master, accredited by Wargachuk Academy

  • Certified Crystal Healer/Practitioner, accredited by Academy of Ancient Magik 

  • Certified Tarot Master, accredited by Wargachuk Academy



Recent Workshops & Retreats


  • Kabbalah Tarot, with Dovid Krachow 

  • Revolutionary Empath Summit, with Judith Orloff, Ph.D., Grandmother Flordemayo, Dr. Christine Page,   and Bevin Neimann

  • Ancestral Healing Summit Series, with Sandra Ingerman, Gregg Braden, and Yeye Luish Teish

  • Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, with Bruce Lipton, Wendy De Rosa, Christopher Miles, Anodea Judith, Judith Orloff, and Dondi Dahlin 

  • Qigong Global Summit, with Master Mantak Chia, Daisy Lee, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Paul Hannah, Dr. Kim    Engard, and Sharron Rose

  • The Gathering of Shamans Retreat with don Miguel Ruiz, don Jose Ruiz, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Heather Ash   Amara, Dr. Steven Farmer, and Jose & Lena Stevens  

  • The Circle of Fire Retreat with don Miguel Ruiz

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