Full & New Moon Rituals

This Full and New Ritual is for Moon Work timeline, the night before, of, or after. 

White Sage your environment, put your crystals under visible moonlight, if not possible, in a window sill in visibility of the Moon. 

Print out the pages, with intention, consciously work on each page. When you are done, play your favorite music, and light the pages into a fire save receptacle, preferably with matches.

Positive energy is drawn to flames, music, white sage, and positive behaviors. Doing this twice a month is life-changing! I'm so blessed to be working on the exact same pages as you! We are going to be Moon Working our vibrational energy so high, anxiety will just fall away. 

Learn more about more about Moon WorkNew Moon Rituals  &  How to Properly Release in The Full Moon, To Manifest Abundantly

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