Ribbon Reading 

Service Description

In the form below, you will pick 6 ribbons out of 11 options. Then, you will tell me the positions of the 6 ribbons you picked, from 1 to 6.

Based on your pick, I will send you your reading as an email response within 7 business days.
(I will usually answer within 2 days but sometimes I am recharging and cleansing, therefore I say that I will reply within 7 business days.)

Looking forward to working with you!

Ribbon Reading (free)

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Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Position 6


Note: Do NOT repeat colors. If you repeat a color, I will not be able to send you a response within the time frame & I will request you to choose your color positions again. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting! I will send the reading to the email provided within 7 days.