Why do people schedule appointments with you?

People seek spiritual advising for all kinds of reasons. I commonly consult with clients about their relationships, career, and health. On a deeper level, we work to uncover spiritual guidance around these issues. The question is not “What will happen to me?” but “What are the lessons of this happening?” Have no fear or shame—just bring yourself.

How should I behave in a spiritual advising session?

To remember the guidelines that make a session especially successful, I use the acronym CREATE:

  • Collaborate: Withholding information because you don’t want to influence a reading is like refusing to tell a doctor your symptoms. Let me know what’s going on with you, so we can work together to understand the messages we receive.

  • Respect: Boundaries are important. I’d love to keep chatting, but I must also honor the time and energy of my other clients. During your session, it’s all you, but our time must end as scheduled. 

  • Energy: Protect your space from disturbances during your session. Business calls or childcare distractions are not conducive to Spirit Guides. I recommend an email consultation if your time is limited or compromised.

  • Ask: You’ve paid for this time and deserve to get the most out of it. Share your intentions and questions with me. When your Guides start talking, I’ve got to get it out as fast as it comes in. Please know that we can always return to a point of confusion.

  • Time: Insight isn’t always immediate. Occasionally the cards don’t seem to make sense during the session, and that’s okay. Sometimes we have blind spots, and these can be revealed with time. Most Tarot practitioners keep Tarot journals to reflect on the journey. You can, too!

  • Experts: I do what I do, but there are many other experts you should consult before making life choices. Reach out to your doctor, lawyer, therapist, and/or financial advisor for additional insights and advice.

What is your training

I’m certified in Tarot, shamanism, moonology, Akashic records, and life coaching with specialization in cognitive-behavioral therapy, self-love, and mindfulness. I am also a Reiki Master healer. Some of the wonderful teachers I’ve learned from include Reiki Master Lisa Masters, Kabbalistic Tarot author Dovid Krafchow, Dr. Judith Orloff, and the Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz. Feel free to inquire!

Where can I learn more about… [Akashic record reading / Tarot / guided tapping / astrology / etc.]?

Resources available shortly.

How do you meet with your clients?

I use Zoom to meet with clients for 30-minute sessions during my regular hours Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. If your schedule cannot accommodate these hours, send me a message to schedule a consultation over email.

Why only 30 minutes?

Sessions can introduce a lot of new information to process. For some, this may be overwhelming and emotionally intense. Many people I work with want to go deeper after processing their initial session. When you want to go further in your exploration, I always encourage follow-ups or regular sessions.

Do you offer deals for multiple sessions?

Absolutely! Here are the packages I currently offer:


3 sessions over 3 months: $200 (you save $25)

6 sessions over 6 months: $400 (you save $50)

12 sessions over 12 months: $750 (you save $150)

What is your cancellation policy?

Please allow at least 24 hours of notice to receive a refund for your session. Unexpected conflicts do arise, and I understand that rescheduling is sometimes necessary. However, repeated rescheduling will result in limited access to services. If you reschedule an appointment more than three times, you will no longer be able to reserve an appointment.